For a long time now we have been so protective of privacy we would not even post a policy such as this! Some folks can be apprehensive about ordering from a site without one so here you have it. Payments through Pay Pal are secure and safe. Payment by mail is also. We do not keep addresses of anyone for any purpose after your order is filled. You want a Christmas card? I'll release something FREE for the holidays. We have no mailing lists of any kind. If you want to see what is new, please drop by the site again.

 Thank you, Cliff Button

Still not sure? Here is what some of our customers have said...

"I have always enjoyed your models, as do my sons now..." J.O. 5/10 

"I must confess, I'm addicted to your work." K.K. 5/10

"These are AWESOME! I always wondered who made cool things like this, and now I know. Thanks again for the plane! I’m eager to get this thing printed and mess up my first one! " M.L. 9/09

"Thank you for the prompt service. I got up to let the dog out and found the four PTA files in my inbox." K.M. 9/09

"You’ve got a happy customer here… Y.B. 7/09

"Your models look like they would make a great fit to the war gaming table, and I would be able to print and make as many models as needed.  The rules could easily be adapted as well to take advantage of each units strengths and weaknesses." M.F. 7/09

"I am very impressed with them and your excellent level of service." J.C. 4/09

"Your craftsmanship, and attention to detail are wonderful. I am new to the hobby of paper modeling and I'm really surprised with the amount of detail that you can get from paper." M.A. 11/08

"Thanks a lot for the speedy quality service! I'm impressed with your work and glad that I could buy directly from someone who appreciates the fun side of the hobby. I'm looking forward to exploring 20mm historical gaming." T.R. 10/08

"Well, I´ve just finished my first model, a PzIVH, and I´m really happy with the result ... just wanted to tell you that your models are very well designed, and, although they are not like plastic models, what we get once we finish folding and gluing all the parts, it´s something really good." A.A. 8/08

"Thanks so much... I am excited and cant wait to start on my new project." F.P. 6/08

"I loved the M1 Abrams so much! Thanks." R.G. 2/08

"I have enjoyed card modeling and now can combine it with my gaming as well. Thanks for your time and attention and thanks again for your creations... I look forward to getting quite a few more after building the large number currently on hand. C.N. 12/07

"These are really... Neat-O!! I turned my club on to your site and you will be getting more business from my way as well. J.P. 7/07

"I was looking for this kind of work for years. My Kid and I are very thankful." P.R. 5/07

"I've been really enjoying building your papermodels... other players in the game really were amazed at what can be achieved in paper." S.T. 1/07

"Looking forward to trying your models, you have a great selection." F.K. 12/06

"They're really nice.  It's obvious you put a lot of work in to these."  T.H. 8/06

"What have you got me into??? They are superb and I will spread the word. Thanks for the prompt service.." K.G. 5/06

"The models look great." B.H. 1/06

"Paper tanks.... Theres a dream come true." J.Q. 9/05

"Keep up the good work, I look forward to purchasing more of your models." P.R. 9/05

"... perfect for wargaming." P.J. 9/04

"Thanks very much... I will put them to good use soon... These are really nice designs." T.B. 4/04

"Thanks very much for the fast response and the great little gift; much obliged! The paper model will sit on my desk as inspiration for a set of wargame rules I am working on." D.H. 3/04

"...your site is pretty cool. Keep the models coming!" M.M. 4/03

"I have to say that it was a pleasure to build them."  K.Z. 3/03

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