PTA in action
We have been getting some nice photos from the field. If you don't know, those who submit photos which are used on the site, are rewarded with free models.

Mantas Peciukevicius sent us this nice photo of our KV 2 immobilised by rubble. Great view. Thank You.

Eirik Ulsund was kind enough to share these photos of a recent battle (St. Lo). He has air-brushed and added additional detail to the models. This is just the sort of thing we encourage here at PTA. Thanks Eirik. Good Job.

Don Bailey sent us this photo of the Panther A. He's done some modifications, added details, and simplified for his needs. Really great work. Excellent scenery too! Thanks.
Paper Tiger Armaments
1/72 scale paper models

Thank you to Steve Cady who sent us these two great photos of our Hetzer and the earlier version of our T34/76. Very nice job with the scenery Steve.
Paul Amiet has re-colored our Turbo-porter model into Swiss livery. Neat photo.
Christian Ness sent us these nice photos of our Wehrmacht Grey troops vs. some Summer Russians. Fantastic job Christian..... The trimmed troops look great. 
Modeling and gaming ace Don Bailey sent us this photo of our skirted PzKw. III. Apparently he used colored pencils and a blending pen to re-color our winter version. Just goes to show the kind of results a modeler can achieve with some experimentation.  Another excellent job Don. Thanks for raising the standard.
Carlo Ambrosetti from Italy sent us a photo of this nice little winter scene.  Nice job with the troops and the vehicles!
Forum member "1970Magno" sent us these photos of a diaroma he has done. These are some impressive modifications to our Panther chassis. The ersatz M10 looks very convincing.