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A30 Challenger, M3 Scout car & WC 51. Vickers Mk VI B/C, Matilda II, AEC Mk. III & Bedford QLR, Crusader, Morris recce. car & Bedford QLD, Cromwell IV, Deuce and a half & Howitzer, DUKW & M3 Half-Track, LVT series, GP & Howitzer/Trailer, 
M3 Stuart, M4 Sherman, M7 Priest,  A13 Cruiser, Bren Carrier & 6 pounder ATG,
T 34 series, KV series, JS II, Ba 32 & Ba 64 armored cars, Su 76, Zis 6 & Gaz 67, 
BT 7, T 70 light tank.
P 51B/C, Lysander III, Lavochkin LaGG 3, La 5FN, La 7, La 9, Su 2, 
AS 51 Horsa assault glider.
PzKw. II series, PzKw. III series, PzKw. IV series, Pzkw. V series, 
PzKw. VI series, 38t series, SdKfz. 7 & 88mm, SdKfz. 234 series, 
SdKfz. 251C & Kubelwagen, SdKfz. 222 & Einheits truck, 
SdKfz. 231 8 rad, Nashorn/Hummel. Pz. IV "Whirlwind". M 13/40.
Ta 152 series, Fi 156 C3, Bf 109 series, Ju 87.
M270 MLRS, M113 series, LAV series, M1A1 MBT, 
Truck & Weapons carrier, OT 64 SKOT, PT 76, BTR 50 PU, MTLB, O1F Bird Dog.
WW2 Winter Russians, WW2 Summer Russians, WW2 Guards Russians, 
WW2 Winter Germans, WW2 Grey Germans, WW2 German "GD", W
W2 German Waffen SS, WW2 German Afrika Korps, WW2 British ETO, 
WW2 Aussies PTO.
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