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A30 Challenger, M3 Scout car & WC 51. Vickers Mk VI B/C, Matilda II, AEC Mk. III & Bedford QLR, Crusader, Morris recce. car & Bedford QLD, Cromwell IV, Deuce and a half & Howitzer, DUKW & M3 Half-Track, LVT series, GP & Howitzer/Trailer, 
M3 Stuart, M4 Sherman, M7 Priest,  A13 Cruiser, Bren Carrier & 6 pounder ATG,
T 34 series, KV series, JS II, Ba 32 & Ba 64 armored cars, Su 76, Zis 6 & Gaz 67, 
BT 7, T 70 light tank, T 26 light tank.
P 51B/C, Lysander III, Lavochkin LaGG 3, La 5FN, La 7, La 9, Su 2, 
AS 51 Horsa assault glider.
PzKw. II series, PzKw. III series, PzKw. IV series, Pzkw. V series, 
PzKw. VI series, 38t series, SdKfz. 7 & 88mm, SdKfz. 234 series, 
SdKfz. 251C & Kubelwagen, SdKfz. 222 & Einheits truck, 
SdKfz. 231 8 rad, Nashorn/Hummel. Pz. IV "Whirlwind". M 13/40.
Ta 152 series, Fi 156 C3, Bf 109 series, Ju 87.
M270 MLRS, M113 series, LAV series, M1A1 MBT, 
Truck & Weapons carrier, OT 64 SKOT, T 72 MBT, PT 76,
BTR 50 PU, MTLB, O1F Bird Dog. Civilian Sedan and Van.
WW2 Winter Russians, WW2 Summer Russians, WW2 Guards Russians, 
WW2 Winter Germans, WW2 Grey Germans, WW2 German "GD", W
W2 German Waffen SS, WW2 German Afrika Korps, WW2 British ETO, 
WW2 Aussies PTO.
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